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Cries Of The Night

And Into The Darkness

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Name:Ā§hattered Wolf
Birthdate:Apr 14
Location:Texas, United States of America

Interests (132):

acoustic, adult swim, alan rickman, alcohol, alternative, angels, anime, anita blake, art bell, astral projection, audioslave, beaches, blades, bleach, blink 182, blood+, blues, books, boston red sox, breaking bad, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, christopher walken, classic rock, coast to coast, code geass, college football, concerts, counting crows, crispin freeman, crystals, dallas cowboys, dancing, david bowie, death note, demonology, disturbed, dragons, dream interpretation, dreamcatchers, dreams, elemental, elves, empaths, empathy, energy feeding, energy vampires, fairies, gackt, galveston, garbage, ghost hunting, ghostbusters, guns, guys with long hair, hauntings, healers, healing, hockey, hoobastank, horror movies, incubus, j-rock, knives, laurell k. hamilton, led zeppelin, lelouch lamperouge, leverage, lightning, linkin park, lynyrd skynyrd, magic, maroon 5, meditation, metallica, movies, music, near death experiences, nighttime, nirvana, no doubt, orbs, out of body experience, paranormal, paranormal investigations, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, psychic abilities, psychic vampires, psychology, questionable content, rain, rammstein, reading, reincarnation, requiem for the phantom, rideback, rock, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, roses, rust blaster, science fiction, severus snape, shadow walking, short stories, slytherin, soap operas, spirit animals, spirit guides, spirits, spirituality, stargazers, stars, stroke, stuffed animals, sunsets, supernatural, swords, tattoos, telepathy, the breakfast club, thunderstorms, toradora!, vampires, video games, webcomics, werewolves, wolves, writing, yellowcard
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